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Kevin and Shelli Marti

Welcome to Marti Auto Works!

We're all challenged by what is happening in our world. We'll ask you to understand that like other businesses, we have been affected by what is happening to our employees and our suppliers. For now, there WILL be a slowdown in the promised leadtimes. We're sorry about that but we simply do not have control over these factors. If you want to cancel an order because you can't afford the delay, please call and we will refund your money and tell you we hope life goes good for you. Please don't call and ask for an exception. It simply isn't going to happen. We cannot tell you when items will arrive. We will work the best we can and then turn our items over to shipping carriers who are doing the best they can. If you can't live with an indeterminate date of arrival, please don't order at this time. We'll hope that things will return to normal, but right now, we're looking at our priorities as we are sure you are.

Welcome to the official Marti Auto Works web site. We offer the finest Ford® restoration supplies on this planet. Not only do our products meet or exceed the original design specs, but they're affordable, too!

From fan belts & radiator hoses to spark plug wires & battery cables, you get our unparalleled quality at "auto supply" prices. And now we're offering this same kind of service for your information needs, through exclusive access to Ford's 1967-1993 production records. Whether from one of our By the Numbers books or from a customized report, you're sure to find the answers you've been looking for.

We are currently working on our New web site, so please keep checking back to follow our progress. Everyone here looks forward to serving you online, just as we've been doing off-line for the past 30 years.

Thanks for your support,
Kevin & Shelli Marti

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