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Marti Auto Works offers exact replicas and reproductions of the original factory window stickers for your Ford Mustang and other makes and models of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. Our Ford Mustang, Lincoln, and Mercury window stickers are rigorously researched and carefully reproduced, ensuring a look and feel that is authentic down to the most minute details such as;

  • Original coloring, lettering and font
  • Accurate artwork, design and layout
  • Accurate dealer information
  • Accurate terminology for options
  • Original listing order for options
  • Exactly placed pin-punched holes
  • Exact paper size and weight of original sticker
  • Exact ribbon and line printing effect

    We can account for;

  • Mid-year layout changes
  • Mid-year pricing changes

    Do you have your original Ford Mustang, Lincoln or Mercury window sticker or a copy of the Eminger Invoice? If so, take advantage of discount pricing. To check the availability of your Eminger Invoice click the link to the Eminger Invoice Page.

    NOTE: Window Stickers are also included with our Elite Report. See our Marti Report page for more information.


    Average turnaround time for most window stickers is 6-8 weeks. IF WE DO NOT have the Ford Original Invoice for your VIN, extra time will be required for content and layout of the window sticker. Expect 2-4 months for completion of these window stickers (See the ORIGINAL INVOICES tab under PRODUCTS to see if we have the original invoice for your VIN).

    NOTE: Lead times are estimated and may vary depending on workload and demand. We do not ship partial orders. Items with varying lead times should be placed on separate orders. Window sticker options are based on the selected vehicle:

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    Window Sticker Comparison

    Our window stickers are designed to be as close to the original as possible, we utilize the correct paper size and weight, the correct holes and perforations, the correct artwork design and color, the correct fonts with line print effect (where applicable), the options and prices are listed in the correct order and account for mid-year pricing changes (Truck window stickers do not display pricing).

    See how our window stickers compare to the originals...

    A - Our artwork uses the correct fonts, colors and spacing. Notice how this other reproduction doesn't even use the proper case for the word "MUSTANG".

    B - The fonts we use are exactly the same as the originals, including the correct width, height and spacing. Our printing reproduces the same ribbon and line printing effect as the originals.

    C - Another comparison of our artwork; notice how the other reproduction uses the wrong color and the border around the marketing text. The border is too thick. Even the marketing text is incorrectly wrapped and spaced on the reproduction.

    D - We use the correct "pin-punched" holes, just as the original. Reproductions use a smaller round hole and are not properly spaced. This one detail makes the lower qualtity reproductions easy to spot!