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Heard of us? Since 1982, we've been offering what many people consider to be the world's finest Ford® restoration parts.

Many people ask where did this all start? Marti Auto Works is a company I started in a spare bedroom of my house back in 1982. At the time, I was a mechanical engineer at Sperry Flight Systems. My hobby of restoring Mustangs and Cougars was one of the ways I spent my spare time (I actually had some of that back then because I wasn't married with four children!). Needing parts that weren't available for my cars meant I had to figure out ways to make them. A couple of my technicians at work were also machinists who had backyard machine shops. I would design, they would manufacture. I have always maintained as my goal the best possible reproduction using original materials where possible. As I went to car shows, others would see my 'new' parts and ask if I could make some for them. A couple of years later, I left my engineering job and formally began this work (except now it meant I really had to make a profit).

A few years later I married my wife, Shelli. And with time, two children, Shelli, Marti Auto Works, and myself didn't fit into a three bedroom house. That meant something or someone had to go. Wisely, we chose to move Marti Auto Works out. With more room than one bedroom, it was easier to expand what we did. We added heater hoses and battery cables to our already existing door data plates, radiator hoses, stripe kits, and fan belts as items that we reproduced. Eventually, we decided to add spark plug wire sets. Now, this might not seem like a big deal, but the problem was we couldn't find anyone that would injection mold parts in low volume at a reasonable cost (in the injection molding industry, less than 10,000 of something is low volume!) so we had to find companies willing to work with small volume. Later, Wittek, the company that manufactured radiator and heater hose clamps went out of business, so we went to their bankruptcy auction and purchased all the rights to manufacture clamps. We are the holder of the trademark for Wittek.

By now, the space we were leasing was getting small. It had seemed so big compared to that bedroom years earlier. We decided to build our own building. Fortunately, I'm a licensed Professional Engineer, so I was able to draw up my own plans. This time, we bought enough land that we would be able to add buildings if we ever needed to. Construction began in 1997. We have been able to add some other products like buck tags, axle tags, engine tags, and window stickers. Under an arrangement with Ford Motor Company, I began to purchase obsoleted original parts from them. Although we haven't aggressively marketed these items yet, we will be soon.

Our most exciting achievement was the privilege of entering into a contract with Ford Motor Company to license the database of information on the entire 1967-2014 North American vehicle production. With this information, we were able to produce the first two books in a series, Mustang . . . by the Numbers and Cougar . . . by the Numbers. These books each contain over 12,000 statistics on production. Also, armed with the database and years of culling of various cars, with the help of several other dedicated hobbyists, I was able to produce a book all about the various tags used on Mustangs and Cougars called the 'Tagbook'. We are also able to produce reports on individual cars with nothing more than the serial number. We have been able to create door data plates and other car tags with accurate information, even when the customer has nothing but the serial number. Reproductions of the window stickers are now possible for cars where invoices aren't available. With time (and more computer programming than I want to think about right now), reproduction build sheets will be possible with the information at our disposal.

Also, I had known Lois Eminger for twenty years. She is the woman who worked at Ford and managed to save many car invoices that would have been destroyed by Ford. She eventually sold them to me so we now make those available. Though Lois passed away awhile back, her vision has helped many people keep important original documentation.

We have been very blessed in our lives with Marti Auto Works. We recognize our success has been made possible by other people. Ford Motor Company, through its licensing program, Lois, and you, our customers, are owed our gratitude. Thank you.