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What does Bucked or Buck Date mean?
My Marti report lists a dealer different than the invoice for my car. Is there a mistake?
I have a High Country Special. How come my report says it is a California Special?
How come the statistics on my Marti report don't match the numbers in the "by the Numbers" book or other sources?
Is this an error on my window sticker?
Could you give me a general explanation of what the terms mean on a Marti Report?
What is a factory build sheet?
How come the tag you made me is wrong?
I need a spring for my radiator hose. Where can I find one?
I have a 1967 GTA Mustang. How come it doesn't show the GTA option on my Marti report?
Why does my tag look different than the one on my friend's car?
What does the DSO Item # mean on my Marti report?
What are all the numbers at the top of my deluxe report? Can I get them decoded?
Why does the description on my Marti Report for (paint, trim, axle, option, etc.) not match a (window sticker, reference book, sales brochure, etc.) I have?
Did any '69 and/or '70 BOSS 302 come with an auto transmission?
My car has different numbers stamped on the VIN tag, the door tag, and the fender apron. How can this be and how do I know what is correct? Is this a factory error or misstamp and are these types of errors common?
Can you supply a report for this car?
What determines if a 1970 Mustang, Cougar, Torino, or Montego with a 351-2V received a Windsor or a Cleveland motor?
As potential buyers we are looking at a Mustang. The owner says the car is an original GT car. How can we determine whether or not this is an original GT car?
How come my (window sticker, Marti report, tag, radiator hose, parts, battery cables, spark plug wires, data plate, build sheet, order card, ownercard, statistics, anything else) is (wrong, incorrect, sloppy, not like my original, anything else)?
I'm buying a vehicle. Can I trust the information contained on the door data plate (patent plate, vehicle certification label, door sticker)? Can I rely on this tag to tell me about how this car was built?
What is a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number, Serial Number) tag?
My 70 Mach SCJ Super Cobra Jet double R code has SUPER stamped on its original block, in front of oil filter. Was this done only in California?
What is a drag-pack (drag pack, drag pak, super drag-pak)?
Can you provide a VIN (Vehicle Identification number, serial number) for a car that I once owned in an effort to relocate the car? All of my records that contain the VIN are destroyed.
What are rare options for Mustangs? Does a rare option add value to a Mustang?
How are the date codes on heater hoses deciphered?
Can you make a door data plate with only the vin number?
What does it mean when some one says that car is a Mustang is a 2+2?
Can you tell a real California Special from it's vin number?

Of the 69 Shelbys that were converted to 1970, were they re-numbered with totally new VINs or was the 69 VIN converted some how?
Another urban leagend?? When a customer bought a new mustang, did they have to take delivery at the dealership, or could they fly out to the ford factory and drive it back? If this was done, is there anyway to tell?
How do I know if my Mustang is a GT?
I received my Marti Report. Does my serial number indicated the order or sequence in which the cars were built?
On my car, where does the data plate mount? Where is it supposed to be located?
My Mustang was made in San Jose. Can you do a report on it ?
How come the tag you made is sloppy looking and the characters don't line up?
Urban myth? Did the factory produce,or dealers special order cars to be used as a "floor model" i.e. cars to be on the showroom floor to attract new buyers?