Marti Auto Works - BC-59 - BATTERY CABLE SET

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The set includes the positive, negative, and starter cables. All cables are marked with line printing as was originally done. Correct font and lettering styles are used, unlike our competitors who merely print without regard to accuracy. Further, our cables are tailored exactly for your car. We do not have a generic “one size fits all” approach. The cables are identical to what would have been on your car when it was delivered to the dealer. Cables are made right from the original factory blueprints, where appropriate, brass or lead heads are used. The positive cable contains the correctly molded and colored boot. The insulating material used is the correct SAE spec non-flammable material. One competitor used PVC insulation – dangerous under the hood of a car as it could facilitate an engine fire. Do not clean cables with Armor-All or other products that contain solvent. We recommend cleaning by using a very dilute soapy water solution on a damp cloth with very light pressure.

Price: $60.00

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