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The door tag is the metal tag, located on the left hand door, that displays a car's serial number, plus encoded data about its features & equipment. This tag is often worn, missing, or painted over. It could also be the incorrect tag if your door has ever been replaced due to an accident.

We are licensed by Ford to offer exact reproductions of these tags stamped using original stamping equipment. We also offer the rivets used to hold them in place.

The tag shown is only an illustration of the type of tag you are ordering. Your actual tag will vary depending on the model year and other factors. These factors will be taken into consideration to produce a tag of correct design and stamping to be accurate for your vehicle.

We also offer the "Special Performance Vehicle" version of the door tag as a different item.

Price: $33.00

We require additional information to fullfill this order please follow all the steps below:
Step 1 - Enter your Vehicle Identification Number

Enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) as it appears on your vehicle. It is stamped in the inner fender, located under the hood inside the notch in the top of the left hand fender.

Your VIN should be 11 digits and begin with a number if your vehicle is a car and a letter if it is a truck.

Step 2 - Upload a picture of your existing tag (optional)

Because of minor production changes we request a picture of your current tag to make sure your replacement exactly matches your original. See Questions about Tag Variations for an explanation of why this is important.

If your tag is missing or illegible, you can skip this step.

Use the "Browse..." button to locate the document or image on your computer and then click on the "Upload" button

Step 3 - Enter your data as it appears on the door tag

Please fill in the form below with the data as it appears on your door tag. If your door tag is missing or illegible, you can enter the codes into the form as you would like them to appear on your new tag.

Step 4 - Optional Add ons
rivets - We offer exact reproductions of the rivets used to affix the tag to you door.
Include original style mounting rivets (additional $3.00/pair)