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Fraud - Build Sheets

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Build sheets carry an almost mystical quality about them. And the seller who announces he has a build sheet can usually command more money when selling his vehicle. But like other paperwork, blank build sheets are readily available and a little work with a typewriter or a word processor can yield any result the seller wants. With the addition of a simple character on the build sheet, an option that would add a thousand dollars to the value of the vehicle can be "created."

The build sheet example shown was part of a package of documentation that helped successfully sell a Mustang for $185,000. However, the vehicle was not authentic. In fact, the serial number was a complete fabrication.

For 1967 and later vehicles, the easiest and most economical solution is to order a Marti Report and compare the report to the claims made by the seller. For 1966 and earlier models, you will need a trained eye to recognize the correct aspects of a build sheet. If you aren't an expert in this field, for a fee, we can examine any suspect paperwork.