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Fraud - Fender Stamping

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Look closely at the fender apron stamping. Can you spot what has been altered? If you observed that the letter "R" doesn't quite look right, you have a good eye. The original serial number of this vehicle was 7H36H145416. Some clever cheater figured he could take this H-code 390-2V engine car and turn it into a 427-8V monster. The only thing monstrous was the fraud involved. Someone in Canada was preparing to take his hauler over a thousand miles to transport this "treasure" home. Fortunately, he found out through a Marti Report that this car originally had six less venturis than advertised.

When large amounts of money are involved, cheaters will be very imaginative in the ways they can trick the unaware individual. Make sure what you are buying passes the sniff test. Walk away if it doesn't seem right. If you think you just have to have it, make sure you have help.