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Fraud - Special Models

California Special. Bluebonnet Special. Cardinal Special. Twister Special. There were a whole host of special models that were built through the years. And some of them can by quite obscure. Have you ever heard of a Cougar 500? Only a few dozen were built.

With the plethora of special models, its easy to "create" a special model. Someone went down to a trophy shop and had a $5 plaque inscribed with "Mustang Elite 1967." Nice personalization. Many classic cars get the personalized touch. And that is not fraud. But once the buyer advertised that it is a special Ford model, they just crossed over into the Twisted Zone. It is fraud to make a claim that isn't true. It's that simple. There never was a "Mustang Elite 1967" model. Advertising it to make a sale is dishonest.

Virtually all special models of Ford products have had some enthusiast create a website devoted to these limited production models. Use your computer and a search engine like Google or Yahoo to see if you can find a site devoted to them. If you find something, it lessens the likelihood you are being duped. But realize that even if you find a site, it doesn't mean the vehicle you are considering is special.

California Special Mustangs are one of the most famous limited production models. An entire website at has been devoted to them. But there are a lot of fakes around. Reproduction parts allow someone to bolt on the fiberglass and slap on the stripe kit. Get the Marti Report to make sure the vehicle was produced as advertised.